Powerful Natural Treatments for Diabetic Retinopathy

Acupuncture is useful for diabetic retinopathy.

We’re not making progress against diabetic retinopathy — nearly 4.1 million persons over age 40 in the US have diabetic neuropathy, and an estimated 899,000 have vision-threatening diabetic retinopathy. And this number is expected to double by 2050. A recent survey found that only 47% knew that central blurry vision can be a symptom of diabetic retinopathy and only 37% understood that floaters were a known symptom. To keep ahead of diabetes’ degenerative effects on the eyes and to prevent it from worsening we have to outwit it at every opportunity. Since diabetes effects an estimated 37.3 million people in the U.S. many, many people are at risk of life-altering vision loss. Fortunately, diabetes is a lifestyle disease and there is much we can do with integrative and alternative medicine to alleviate this burden.

And with evidence-based integrative approaches, we can do just that.

In fact, 6+ years of clinical experience treating vision loss has shown me that integrative medicine offers the greatest chance of finding and healing the root causes of vision loss.

A key principle of integrative medicine involves the creation of customized treatment plans that blend therapies from different medical systems—conventional, complementary, Eastern, and others—to create a broad-spectrum protocol that addresses the underlying cause of the disease. In other words, we don’t just put a Band-Aid over the symptoms, we determine what the root cause is and solve that challenge so that there aren’t any more  symptoms. We do this by looking at the complete health (holistic) system of the person and customizing a program for their unique situation.

The nugget at the center of each protocol is each client’s personal story. This means that no two treatment plans are alike and you are treated as an individual. This isn’t cookie-cutter medicine where we force you into our pre-determined process.

That said however, there are some powerful, and extensively researched integrative treatments and approaches that offer great promise for those facing this challenge. These select compounds and therapies, which we’ll discuss in a moment, form the foundation of a successful program for many types of diabetic retinopathy treatments and prevention strategies.

In my years of research and clinical work, I’ve seen numerous results that others may call “miracles.” The truth is every patient has the potential to be a miracle—thanks to the incredible power of our innate healing capacity. That’s why we consider ourselves to be procuring “predictable miracles” for our clients.

Everyone has access to this, but the secret is in how to unleash it..

Blocking the Effects of Stress

As an holistic and integrative practitioner, researcher, and Qi Gong practitioner, I’ve developed a unique system around mind-body medicine, with specific attention to developing our abilities to heal ourselves and others. I have seen this work on my own body and I have seen it work on hundreds of others.

This personal work, combined with breakthrough findings in mind-body medicine, have made one thing clear: In order to activate our inner healing abilities and overcome our health conditions, no matter how great or small, we have to shift from a state of struggle and survival, to a state of harmony and peace.

Despite the barrage of stressors that continue to challenge our bodies and spirits, we have to quiet the 5-alarm biochemical storm that’s keeping us stuck in fight or flight mode. Because when we’re stuck in fight or flight or “survival mode”, our natural protective stress responses fuel inflammation, degeneration and disease progression. When that affects the eyes it results in temporary and sometimes even permanent vision loss. We don’t want that, but how can we effectively calm the effects of inflammation on the eyes? If it were simple everyone would teach it, right?

How can we solve this ultimate paradox?

A large body of research points to one specific target in the body: neuro-inflammation. Thousands of studies show how neuro-inflammation as a down-stream result of stress, drives ocular disease progression, neuro-degradation, cardiovascular and kidney disease, and nearly every chronic inflammatory/ degenerative condition affecting us today.

Inflammation in the eyes is produced by the body in response to stress, injury, toxins, illness, infection and, of course, even normal aging. When it is unleashed, it triggers an immediate response in the eyes because the tiny capillaries that feed the eyes are only one blood vessel wide. So, they are very sensitive to the aforementioned stressors and when inflammation hits these tiny pathways it makes a noticeable change.

Chinese Herbs as Inflammatory Watchdog

Certain powerful combinations of Chinese Herbs allow the body to process and eliminate systemic inflammation, lower blood sugar, create fresh blood supply that can supply nutrients to dormant optical cells in the eyes, and help the immune system take out any scar-tissue or waste products that have built up in the eyes. These powerhouse combinations also protect the brain by preventing apoptosis (programmed cell death) of retinal cells, literally turning back the clock on the aging process in the eyes! Essentially, Chinese Herbs will block the unhealthy inflammatory cascade allowing for new tissue growth and preserve the health and vitality of current healthy cells.

More than 60 peer-reviewed studies including data from Columbia University, the NIH and other renowned institutes, demonstrate the ability of this herbal combination to prevent and repair the damage done by inflammation in the body.

Personalized Treatment

If you choose to become a client you will have access to these combinations of herbal in customized formulas made specifically for your constitution and your body’s particular needs. By treating the body from the inside with inflammation halting internal herbs and from the outside with stagnation clearing topical herbs the body can access it’s deepest healing reserves. This isn’t cookie-cutter medicine, nor is it conveyor belt medicine. It is custom, personalized support for your individual needs and goals. The difference between what we offer and allopathic medicine is like the difference between a fast food restaurant and a personal chef.

Our goal is to create a multi-tiered, synergistic treatment plan that works with your constitution against your specific vision challenges on multiple levels, while supporting your overall health and vitality. Your body seeks health and vibrance and it seeks balance. Our customized approach removes all the obstacles to that state of balance and allows the body to revert to its natural, preferred state.

When we target the inflammation in the blood stream and we stop the damage to the lining of the vascular system, we address a key factor in heart disease as well, all while enhancing the body’s ability to heal itself. This paradigm shift is the foundation of a truly holistic, integrative model of medicine, which we rely on to treat patients at Holistic Eye Care Center of the Rockies in Longmont, Colorado.

You are welcome to reach out to us for more information or you can schedule a face-to-face initial consultation here.


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