How we got our start

As a boy, Robert’s grandmother had severe macular degeneration. She was a vibrant woman who had been an working mother, volunteer, and even a factory-worker during WWII. At this point holistic medicine wasn’t available and no one had ever heard of natural eye care. After her life-altering AMD diagnosis he can still recall how debilitating it was for to be reduced so significantly by such a terrible and destructive disease. He vowed to learn about healing and the eyes and help as many people as possible learn about how to overcome this tragic moment in their lives. But western medicine didn’t appeal to him.

It took many years and much soul-searching to find the current path, but when we can change the life story for another amazing patient all the years of being in the wilderness are worth it.

We are based in Longmont, Colorado and we see clients from all over the country who wish to take control of their health and learn how to improve their vision using a Quantum Healing approach. Using the knowledge of Microacupunture 48 taught by Dr Andy Rosenfarb, coupled with the mind/body approach incorporated in Quantum Healing we have seen amazing vision improvement and stabilization for our clients. The Quantum Healing approach works by using holistic medicine to focus an intense burst of precise, natural eye care on the eyes. It can set the body and the vision on a new trajectory of ultimate health and vitality that enable better sight, living and enjoyment.

If you are ready to overcome your health limitations and want help to know how to dial-in your burst of healing energy for yourself then you are on the right site, give us a call today so that we can get you started on the path to amazing vision and ultimate satisfaction!

Our Staff

Robert Underwood

Vision Specialist - LAc MSOM

I love helping people who may have lost their hope, it is absolutely delightful to see how happy someone can be, especially someone who had previously given up on their future. I have had personal experience overcoming remarkable health-related odds so I know how deep the bottom of that trough can be. All I ask is that you lean into my confidence. If I can’t help you I will be totally upfront about that with you , but until then just put down your despair and lean on my confidence. If this can work for you we will both know it pretty quickly

What our clients are saying

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Rob agreed to work with me, and guided me through an intensive, ten day, ten session treatment. When I returned to the retinal specialist who had diagnosed me, he was impressed at the improvement in my eye. The bleeding had stopped!

The results have been pretty spectacular...the retina specialist said I wouldn't regain any of the vision in my right eye... and I have regained almost all of the vision in my right eye.

I had a hole in my macula. Less than 2 weeks later I saw my surgeon and no further intervention was required after 10 days.

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