Is there a Natural Remedy for Dry Eye

Acupuncture is useful for Dry Eye.

Have you been seeking a natural remedy for dry eye?

Are your eyes itchy, scratchy, irritated, red. and painful? If you have been dealing with severe dry eye and cannot find a solution you are not alone. There are many of our clients who are in a similar situation as yourself, asking themselves “Why can’t I find a natural remedy for dry eye?” You may have already tried many of the over the counter medicines for eyes that are available at your local pharmacy and you may even have spoken to your MD or ophthalmologist about prescription-level medications to help with your eye issues. This is incredibly common and you are not alone in not being able to find an easy answer. This is because dry eye can be a complicated challenge.

Root vs. Branch Solutions

Many clients come to us having looked for any number of treatments to add to their eyes to moisten, alleviate, or ameliorate the symptoms that they are experiencing. They have tried compresses, eye drops, and more to solve the issue as if a band-aid were being applied to a cut. Stop the bleeding and the issue is solved. However, from our perspective dry, itchy eyes are an indication of issues that are occurring deeper within the individual. By looking for a “root level” solution we can find the underlying cause of the dry eye and completely and thoroughly change the internal environment so that dry eye and itchy eyes and red eyes are no longer an issue.

Dry eye is not a simple issue.

So how can you find an natural remedy for dry eye that solves the root of the problem. Well, it’s not simple and that’s why you haven’t been able to solve it easily. According to Chinese Medicine the eyes are the province or opening for the Liver. When most people begin looking for a natural remedy for dry eye the last thing they think of is the state of their liver.

The liver gets overwhelmed doing its job

A natural remedy for dry eye would require something that addresses the Liver’s condition and helps the liver maintain a somewhat healthy state. In our current state we are exposed to many, many pesticides, herbicides, perfumes, toxins, antibiotics, pathogens. We are bombarded daily with enough harmful substances to keep the liver in top gear removing the substances from our bloodstream. However, instead of making it easy on our natural filtration system we are also under huge amounts of stress and don’t get any chance to blow off that stress because we don’t have time to exercise, rest and rejuvenate.

A natural remedy for dry eye isn’t so simple

You are probably beginning to wonder where this is all going. You may have thought that all you had to do was buy eye drops or something and the issue would go away and now we’re talking about Liver toxins and filters and whatnot. How’d the simple subject of finding a natural remedy for dry eye get so complicated so quickly? Well, we look at the entire person and see how all of the various syetems in the body are working together to either thrive or barely survive and we start to correct the issue from the roots up. It does take time and effort, but as a result of not just putting a band-aid on the issue your body operates better overall and can now spend those resources repairing or just getting stronger, or just resting instead of constantly trying to put out the original fire that you perceive as dry eye. Plus, by fixing the root in a responsible and non-invasive way there are no negative side-effects. You just get better.

Getting to the Root of the Matter

You don’t want to take another pill to just mask the annoying red, itchy, dry eyes, and you don’t have time to fly to Boulder to meet with us to get treatment and all that travelling. So what is the solution? Well, luckily we have worked with enough people over the last 10 years ans we’ve seen this root vs branch challenge get worked out enough times that we can confidently say that we have a path that you can follow that, in many cases, will solve the dry eye issue. You’re going to have to work with us though, because Rome wasn’t built in a day, and its not going away in a day either. So, patience while we feed the roots is key. On the flip-side, once we feed and water the root system in your body, you won’t have to take another pill that will lead to another pill, etc.


Does it always work, no. Sometimes the issues at hand are bigger than our holistic medicine can address. And if that looks like the case with you we will refer you back to your MD for further testing, because we cannot solve every case. Using holistic medicine and finding a natural remedy for dry eye will take some effort on your part. We may look at the toxin exposure and see that you are getting hit with things in your life that are contributing to the issue. In which case we need to decide how to solve that dilemma. In other words you may have to make lifestyle changes, because at the end of the day, you are healing yourself.

How to Get Started

We have a form that gives us information on your body and it’s 5 different systems involved in you health. Once we have your permission to consider you as a client we will send you the form and then our talented holistic medical team will pore over it to see if there are any glaring areas of concern. If you are like most people there are a few areas that could use some help and most areas are relatively solid. We then have a tele-health conversation to see what we can help you with. If it seems like a good fit then you will be accepted as a client qnd we can get started with your natural remedy for dry eye. If this seems too complicated or if you just want a pill to cover the symptoms that is fine, just ask your ophthalmologist. They will be more than happy to help.

You are welcome to reach out to us for more information or you can schedule a face-to-face initial consultation here.


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